Country travelers: suvs are becoming increasingly popular

Country travelers: suvs are becoming increasingly popular

Munchen, 12. July 2012 – the new past cars have developed slightly positively in the first half of the year compared to 2011. In june alone, 296.722 cars allowed, in the first year, it was a total of 1.634.401 copies. These are 0.7 percent more than in the first half of 2011.

Brown and woman come

Little has changed at the basic tendencies: vw is with 21.9 percent market share clearly dominant industry prime and german manufacturers hold 64 percent of the new car market. Some german manufacturers developed in 2012 – especially mercedes with +5.7%, audi with +8.1% and porsche with +23.2 percent. It was less pleasing for opel (-9.3%), ford (-4.5%), smart (-3.0%) and amazingly bmw with little critical -0.7%.

Striking trends are available in the colors: with nearly 30 percent, while further "colorless" metalliclacke dominate in silver, gray or black, there are the german iron. But even the "color" woman was able to raise again, has a share of 14.8% in the market. The real newcomer but is brown with 6.5% market share, so a few years ago not necessarily expected.

What private individuals mogen

The private share of new leases was 38.8 percent in the first half of the year, the more commercial one at 61.2 percent. It will be interesting if you look at exactly how this distribution actually missed in the segments. The share of commercial beds from bottom to top: small cars 56.1 percent, small car 51.7, compact 62.2, middle class 77.3, upper middle class 79.7, upper class 86,3, suvs and landscapes 50,1, sports cars 59.7, mini-vans 51.4, vans 59.2, small transporter 71.8 and finally motorhomes 43 percent. That at the small cars the proportion of commercial holders is high than with small cars, probably states that they are popular in cities for pizza or care services. Apart from this break, the commercial share increases with the respective segment, up to the upper class, in which there is little private buyer.