Costs for the fuser: strong regional price dollars

Costs for the fuser: strong regional price dollars

Munchen, 17. February 2011 – those who want to buy the car driver’s license in germany, initially the deals should compare several driving schools. For in one place the training costs gape up to 760 euros apart, the result of a recent price comparison, the adac has carried out. The club has compared the rates of 30 driving schools in 15 german cities and rough each five driving schools in 15 small towns.

Wittenberg on average most favorable

The most affordable patch for driving schuler wittenberg in saxony-anhalt. There pay driving schuler average of only 1,371 euros. Following the bursting of two and three, also with the grade "attractively priced", leipzig (1372 €) and berlin (1406 eur). In last place is freising in bavaria where you proud to shell out 2,219 euros must. Also with "very expensive" the baden-wurttemberg ravensburg (2118 euros) and the bavarian cities munchen (2091 euro) and straubing (2079 euro) were rated.

Purchasing power fall

How extremely the prices can be climbed apart depending on the city and region, the comparison between freising and berlin shows. While in freising 2434 euros in the cash register of the most expensive driving school drops, you can get in berlin with less than half of the house: 1146 euros was the most favorable result in the test.