Cooperation model

Lisbon, 29. October 2015 – the infiniti q30 is the first shared product of cooperation between daimler and nissan / renault. The compact q30 of the nissan precious brand infiniti is technically based on the mercedes-benz a-class, for both models renault supplies the small two diesel engines in the program. At daimler he runs under the reference om 607, renault calls him k9k. And because the technical drills a-class, cla and q30 are built of sunderland because of their close relationship in the british nissan plant, the q30 is the first model of the brand infiniti built in europe.

Although the asymmetric cockpit looks completely residual at first glance in its basic design. But with a closer look, it could be found in an a-class. Graphics, switches, windows, on-board computer, basic arrangement of the elements – everything ables the mercedes scheme or is even identical. Even the gear shift lever is familiar with one. After all, infiniti also provides a selection of dignified materials for your own feel. Roof sky and suits such as a suede-type material from italy are sourced, "the", so infiniti, "always often in the high-fashion industry is used".

Little space in the stern

Also otherwise it goes inside in the q30. The seats are comfortable and offer self-driven curves. The seats can also be moved back for roughly grown sufficiently far back, the steering wheel is widely adjustable in depth and inclination. Somewhat difficult is the entry for all over 1.80 body bores – the turopion is then a little tight. Knapp is the place in the second row. When the front seats are pushed far back, there is hardly any legroom on the ruckbank. For toddlers enough, just as for the weekend purchase. Otherwise it will be tight. The trunk offers 368 liters – not exactly much. Most competitors have more space in the rear – the gla about 421 liters. After all, in the q30, if necessary, the back seats divided in the ratio 60:40.

From auben, however, the close relationship to the a-class is hardly to be identified. While the basic spirit with 4425 mm long, 1805 mm wide and 1495 mm high almost on the millimeter are exactly over. But the serien-q30 carries the typical brand face of infiniti with powerful cooler, coarse airstorming, double wavy bonnet and expressively curved look. In the design, the study presented at the iaa in 2013 only marginally slightly. "Sturmish character lines and sculptural forms" promises infinitis design chef alfonso albaisa. Rarely, shadow lines are shaped as powerful as the q30 – and thus pronounced the side view. However, the coupe-cut window line has a disadvantage: the view is similarly crazy as in the audi tt or in the range rover evoque. With the 20mm lower sports version q30s, the design is once again shoved again and it comes slightly deeper.