Browser brave with iphone firewall

Browser Brave with iPhone firewall

The browser brave has added its iphone and ipad version by a vpn and firewall service that works a system. This is how users should also be explored outside the browser – talking in all other apps – before advertising tracking, as the provider announced. There are not only the user’s ip address from advertising providers, but also actively actively network connections to known trackers to prevent the formation of location profiles and advertising profiles. In addition, advertising is blocked and the traffic is cast.

Vpn service as a chargeable additional offer

While the browser brave remains for free, the vpn and firewall service is considered "premium function" guided and is chargeable, writes brave. The monthly subscription is offered for the price of 10 dollars in the app, for the annual subscription brave 100 dollars. The service should be used to take advantage of up to five rates, he was "fast and unlimited up to 100 mbps".

For the purpose of the service "basic attention token" (bat) calls that are based on the ethereum blockchain notes the browser manufacturer. Brave users can call for viewing certain advertising in their wallet, the brave themselves delivered.

Partnership with guardian

Brave did not develop the vpn service itself, but relies on a partnership with the provider guardian. This started last year as one of the well-first services providing a kind of outgoing firewall for ios. Bay the service via the guardian app, this costs the same as a subscription over brave. The vpn service is designed to collect no user data, it is called by the provider.

Brave wants to offer the integrated vpn service on other platforms. The browser is also available for android, windows, macos and linux.