Berlin: only tesla taxi driver gives up

Berlin: only tesla taxi driver gives up

Martin doll ride currently berlin’s only taxi with electric drive. But he wants to give up that now. He complains about too little charging panels and a rise in electricity price. That’s why the tesla taxes do not expect him for him, said the 57 year old taxi driver of the dpa. "The many carsharer parking the public charging boots", defendant doll. Recently, the charging costs increased to public charging points. That’s why doll came to the conclusion: "the e-car is no longer worthwhile."

One of 8000

This year, he was the only one of around 8,000 taxi rides on the berlin strahe with an electric car, reports doll, which also confirmed the taxi association. He rented the car in 2016 because it was favorable as models with hybrid drive. Doll was not the only taxi driver who acquired an electric car from the usa. In 2018, a colleague had driven a tesla, but then abandoned from other reasons.

In june 2019, the charging automatic operator allego announced a tariff change. The company is stateful for the construction of charging stations in berlin. Instead of a flat rate, the consumption is now calculated after kilowatt hours, won it in a message. That’s what the legislator asked. The result according to doll: the rides do not expect anymore. Instead of 2 euros at the beginning he now pays 11 euros per 100 kilometers.

For his profession he depended on free loading. When volkswagen 1500 e-golf brought in june as carsharer in berlin, the situation for him became intolerable. "If the battery is all, private users can still rise in a taxi for distress," said doll. He can not do that. Doll wants to continue his taxi career in a car with hybrid drive.

Planned: 340 additional charging points

According to the senate of august 2019, 415 charging facilities with almost 800 charging points are available in berlin. Senate administration wants to build up to 1140 charging points through allego by the end of 2020, as emerged from a response of the senate administration to a request of the cdu faction.