After cyber attack on tegut: customer data appeared in the darknet

After Cyber attack on Tegut: Customer data appeared in the Darknet

After the cyber attack on tegut’s it network at the end of april, stolen data of the supermarket chain customers have now surfaced in the darknet. Thus, the unknown taders increase prere on the company and "provoke uncertainty for customers, employees and suppliers (…) to enforce your claims", how tegut trader thomas gutberet explained on thursday. For details of these demands, the company made no information in the evening.

To the resist

The data is to have information, which had primarily given customer card owners within the framework of surveys or market research studies on their purchasing behavior. In individual files are also contact information of customers such as addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Tegut will inform all the affected personnel, customer service is available on questions. The new development was reported to the relevant authorities.

The company has "well prepared for the expected escalation" and also made further arrangements for the protection of customers, strolled it. Thus, the login access for customers on the website have already been rediscovered with the known cyber attack as a precaution. In the meantime, the access – after appropriate security suggestions – released again, deposited passwords were to be reduced and customers have been asked for the reassignment of passwords. Tegut work together with the state law enforcement habits as well as external it security experts and support the ongoing investigations, strolling it.

Immediately after the attack, the food handler had to get traces in the goods reliability. Above all, meat and sausages were affected. The company had switched off all it networks. This affected, among other things, on the merchandise management programs. Tegut had not made information on financial damage. Meanwhile, goods reliability according to company information has been normalized. The chain has more than 280 market in hesse, thuringen, bavaria and baden-wurttemberg as well as in gottingen and mainz.