With strong immigration everything will be better

With strong immigration everything will be better

Graphic: iw

Apparently, the fear of rising foreign futility is concerned in the economy, the institute of the german economy now makes advertising with a report

The institute of german economics koln (iw) pushes against the debate on poverty immigration from the csu, above all from romania and bulgaria, the foreignlander. With a report, the institute wants to prove with 12 grunden, which speaks for another immigration and why germany the "welcome" strong should, as agreed in the coalition agreement.

With a "demography tool wants the institute to convince people from the blessing of immigration.

A stompied immigration is necessary, "to ensure growth, prosperity and quality of life in the long term". Germany radio told iw director michael huther today: "the structural data is talking about that a lot of ringing and craze is made here, (one) something austere consideration of the numbers were helpful." in order to increase the conviction, a demographic tool was also developing, with which the internet user can play around to see how supposedly the demographic "flood" the experts in the period to 2030 by raised immigration correct. You can also play around at the age of career, at retirement age or at the part-time rate.

The iw figures show that the csu has addressed people’s opinion and problems in some bads, but with the general warning before the "poverty" or the "social tourism" lies right next to it. Many immigrants, especially from romania and bulgaria, are definite highly qualified.

While 19 percent of people in germany have an academic degree, it is 29 percent among all immigrants, in the immigrants from romania and bulgaria 25 percent. To do this, 10 percent of all immigrants and 8 percent of the immigrants from romania and bulgaria have a university degree in a mint subject.

The "value of value of a mint academic", so the iw, be "about 1.75 times as high as those of an average german working". Without stark immigration, you have to take a 2020 with one "luke in a total of a total of 1.4 million professionally qualified mint professionals" calculate. Immigrants were thus compensated for the specifiability deficiency, which the economy has already claimed long,. Therefore, the well-known reasoning, economic power increases, which became more money in public households and municipalities, to the pension, health and long-term care insurance coils. Stand-out employee – status: 2009 – also less state transfer benefits than the german population relate: 74 percent of the immigrants received no transfer performance, in total taxation it was only 52 percent.

Since 2010, immigration after the iw has increased sharply and the emigration is clearly overhauled. 2010 came 128.000 people more to germany, as a result of this, in 2013 the net immigration is already at 206.000. Since 2011, the immigration of the population is balanced. Since 2010, thanks to the crisis, most immigrants from europe come from europe, over this is increasingly qualified. 63.0 percent of the immigrants are acquired, in total taxation is 77.9 percent. The difference explains the iw thus, "that immigrants often have a traditional role of role and therefore after the family principle is frequently out of the labor market". However, occupational new immigrants with a similar share in specialist and guiding positions are employed.

The advertising for more immigration let the iw follow the warning that you can do politically more to can continue to win foreign experts in competition with other states. This is that the population and thus that in eastern and south europe "occupational force potential" shrinks, the germany or. The german economy was happy to take on. The conclusion: "a continuous influx of foreign experts will probably only be realized in the long term if germany succeeds in gaining more people from demographic steering countries (for example in sud and sudostasis)." you will be at the unfortunate slogan "children instead of indian" remember jurgen ruttgers (cdu) in the nrw election campaign 2000.

And the iw ares that a stompied immigration also multiplies the individual prosperity. Taxes could be reduced, while improving living qualitat and living conditions. On the leaning, immigration has only a small influence, but improve the labor market. For example, australia, canada and the us should be high in the immigration policies, canada and the usa. This is to be illustrated with an already assembled but little convincing graphic, according to which a high proportion of population born abroad with a higher quality of life after the better life index. In addition, culture will enriched by immigration. Everything will be fine.