Google news showcase now displays selected paid content for free

Google News Showcase now displays selected Paid Content for free

The newsportal news showcase launched in germany and brazil first extends google for messages that are behind an payment closet. In addition, the app is now also available for ios devices and on the web.

Examined contents, which are set by publishers behind an payment binding, google kunftig licenses, so pay the publishers a contribution, and then offers them freely accessible for users of the news showcase. However, these have to register with the message portal itself. Of that, google hopes that the publishers can build a relationship with the readers, it is called in the blog post.

The items displayed in news showcase are selected by the editors. Users can then follow individual media and get from them selected news as well as relevant news of the day in a newsfeed, who is "to you" is called. Nevertheless, there is an overview with suggest to discover new news. News showcase is part of the google news initiative to serve the quality arance in journalism.

More cooperations and availability

After google news showcase is already available for android devices, ios users can now access the google news app to access them. In addition, the partner messages appear under news.Google.Com, discover follows. Publishers can then see data on the access to individual articles. The appearance in a google search console.

Meanwhile, there are also in argentina, canada, france, great britain and australia talking with publishers. As a partner new in october, le monde, courrier international, le figaro in france and la gaceta and el dia in argentina have been new. A total of 400 publishers worldwide have entered into the partnership.