Hiroshima, 24. November 2014 – mazda is on the thailand international motor expo 2014 (30. November to 10. December) as a new version of his new 2 the sedan. With the model, the mazda since 2007 especially for the chinese market at the chang’an ford mazda automobile in nanjing, the new limousine has nothing to do.

Effective optical effect

This step-bearing variant of the small car is probably a pure expansion of the body spectrum for the market in which jarrier cars are not fully taken from all customers. The rear window is not as steep as the cabinet and also dispenses on the roof edge spoiler, with a surprisingly effective optical effect. She ends in front of a quite highly attached flap, which carries a spoiler on her tear-off edge. He migrates so certainly from the roof edge to the rear lid edge, which appears from aerodynamic point of view quite comprehensible. Below the jerk lights the license plate is attached, which has its place at the stobfang at the hatchback. Shape and location of the jerk lights have also changed in this operation, with the limousine, their upper edges are slightly lower. In addition, the sedan carries his reflectors in the stobfang. The trunk lid falls much smaller because its hinges are below the rear window.

How rough the gain on trunk volume drops off, mazda has justified as well as further mabe and weights. Much could not have been changed. This is good news for the proportions, because the mazda2 sedan on the basis of the 14 centimeter short process model was all too thermalized, which was practically but by no means more elegant.

Technically, he complies with the mazda2 jarring models. However, in the envision, only from a 1.5-liter diesel engine (skyactiv-d 1.5) the speech as he is offered in europe with 105 hp. In thailand, he is taxed by the government taxable because it is below 1.5 liters of displacement and 4.3 liters of consumption and the current pollutant class. From a gasoline engine mazda (still) did not speak. What appears as "mazda connect" in the price lists corresponds to the connectivity system, which is called "mzd connect" in this country. On sale first copies from the beginning of 2015, prices were not mentioned.