Blind spot detection: valeo system for buick and cadillac

Blind spot detection: valeo system for buick and cadillac

Paris (france), 16. July 2007 – one sets the turn signal to change the trail, looks shortly over the shoulder and crucially crashes: but there was another car flash-fast behind a pushed, which you almost looked over. Such events and inflates should avoid radar-scanned dead angle assistants. Now general motors leads such a blind spot detection on models of cadillac and buick. The system of valeo raytheon warns of vehicles in the dead angle and facilitates the lane change. There should be on the market in the us and europe in 2007. In which models the introduction is done, valeo does not share with.

Especially pracisis by several radarundles

The valeo system calculates the position, distance and direction of travel from vehicles that move to adjacent lanes. It warns the driver with a symbol in the outdoor mirror before a potential accident. The system is based on radar sensors that are attached to the left and right behind the tailpiece. Since the device works with several narrow radar breadlines, it can determine the position and speed of the car in the dead angle especially pracisise, so valeo. The technique should work in any weather.

More and more totwinkel-warner

Totwinkel-warner like that of valeo conquerly conquer more and more vehicles. Volvo and audi already offer the like, and mercedes will soon be on the market. To align the audi q7 with the "side assist", you pay 565 euros. At the volvo s80, the blind spot information system costs at least 620 euros.