“Moral is a beautiful word, but a dangerous term”

The russian filmmaker andrei nekrasov about corruption in russia, morality in capitalism and of course also over bill browder

Andrei nekrasov was a guest at the telepolis salon in munchen in june and showed his movie "the magnistky act. Behind the scenes". We talked about corruption in russia, uber moral in capitalism, and of course also over bill browder.

Nekrasov was known by putin critical movies like "disbelief" about the terrorist attack in moscow, "rebellion: the case litvinenko" about the poison assault on alexander litvinenko, who had his premiere in 2007 at the film festival in cannes, and by the doct / zdf produced by arte / zdf and awarded with the grimme prize "everyworth, enjoyed!"

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Erdogan: “aleppo belongs to the turkic people”

Erdogan:'aleppo gehort dem turkischen volk'

Sheikh al-muhaysini: "all groups must follow one line". Screenshot from his video message

The turkish army militarily implements the territorial aspirations of its president in northern syria. The jihadists offer themselves as helpers

Before the presidential election, the u.S. Military operations are focused on mosul, there are no plans for aleppo, as far as the information of the washington post is true. The newspaper reports on a brief meeting obama had with his national security team that remained without decisions.

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The creeping economization of internet policy

Observations from the 25. Icann meeting in wellington

When paul twomey, for four years ceo of the "internet corporation for assigned names and numbers" (icann), talks about the future, he recently starts presenting numbers. However, twomey is not so much concerned with the number of new top level domains licensed by icann or the new anycast root servers, but with the volume of the market that icann manages. The domain name market in the narrower sense is now worth more than a billion dollars. Adding all the current and future services offered by icann-affiliated registries and registrars, this market would grow to about ten billion euros by 2010. Compared to the bureaucratic administrative burden of similar global markets, said twomey, icann, with its nearly 50 employees and a budget of 20 million us dollars, represents an almost sensationally favorable cost-benefit ratio.

Twomey’s wink at the economic fencepost is, of course, aimed primarily at governments, to whom he wants to say that their policies on "internet governance" the government should make the internet more market-oriented, as the economic performance of the national e-economy depends on the functioning of the domain name system. But it also makes clear that the economic component will increasingly play a leading role in icann’s future political decisions.

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Koran reading, smoking, csu elections

Freedom i mean

It was only a few weeks ago that i smiled at a german president who originally planned to make the value of freedom the spiritual focus of his term in office. Freedom? With german reunification and the end of the cold war, freedom had not become a museum admonition based on a background of real-socialist-totalitarian experience that had left us westerners behind?

Freedom 1: reading the koran

But then i read that the free distribution of the koran in german translation is to be prevented as an islamist-terrorist act. Not that i consider the koran to be one of the most successful works in the history of literature. Not that i think that only as a koran expert i am allowed to say something about taliban, breivik, sarrazin and kolner caliphs.

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The new libraries of alexandria

Google print, amazon’s search inside the book, full text search engines online – what’s going on here? We talk about the future or do we want to start working?

Recently, the project was recently on the bookshops in berlin full-text search online of the publisher committee of the borsenverein of the german book trade. According to the press info, it should be about "a separate central platform for full-text search on the internet" act. An important impact on the industry that exported from matthias ulm, publisher of ulmer verlag and initiator of the working group. Because, as ulmer in conversation, "it’s about the future of publishing, ie our very future". Already formulated to the point – and yet it could be that the initiative has just failed at its own ambation. Because a few days ago the website of google print went online again, with a circumference of approx. 1.1 – 1.2 million digitized beers.

Google print is (again)

Was and has been and is since we started in the spring of 2004 to report about it (the vlbs of the web: google print amazon), a lot of talk. Some of one will have surprised that the original website of google print had disappeared relatively quickly after the first wave of reporting – and remained. Whatever the two lands of google, sergey brin and larry page, who were back to europe tour in the spring year, may have led to ring for google print, which may take the google print website for almost a year from the internet, the time of the darls is before. Since the 26th. May 2005 is the website, easily refreshed and equipped with new features, again. From now on, therefore, everyone can get an idea of what google print really is and can.

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The woman as an object

Manner respond to the sight of naked woman corpers as similar as a tool – the psychologists speak of objectification

When two people meet, they usually access their social repertoire: they try to find out how the other goes that the intentions he hangs – they move into the opposite. Such abilities are sought even some species of animals, for a social with each other, they are indispensable at any rate. These behaviors can also be demonstrated with experiments. They are also detected by the functional magnetic resonance tomography (fmrt) – the mean prafrontal cortex approximately is typically activated.

The woman as an object

However, they are apparently not mandatory. This seems to apply especially for a certain kind of interpersonal encounter: if man people present pictures sversely clothed women, does not activate the middle prafrontal cortex. An american psychology team around susan fiske of princeton university has now reported on a congress of a preliminary study, the details of betrayal. First, the researchers ask to what extent the process of objectification influences the thought. Her thesis: if one considers a certain kind of image to thought differently than the whole rest of the pictures, that had to be reflected in the problem. In fact, heterosexual manners were able to remember images bikini-carrying female toresen than any other type of image, including those who showed faces. Now, people retain objects not only according to their appearance in mind, but also how to use them normally physically. As a reminder of a forcepse, the feelings, the pliers to open their handles or loses, a hand drill in the brain not only his turns, but also the drilling-up motor activities of the hand.

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Everybody talks about eva herman, we don’t!

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video review

The usa is also currently experiencing a media scandal of "the most exemplary" (eva herman) proportions. During the shooting of a new porn movie, the internationally known "cum-inside" star jennica st. Foxx slipped out the bad n-word. And strangely enough, in the closest connection with the harmless english word for cock, i.E. "Cock". How this happened can be seen in this investigative tv report, which also documents very well the general shock that this terrible linguistic aberration has triggered off. Whether this incident will also influence the american presidential election campaign remains to be seen.

Everyone is talking about Eva Herman, but not us!

Here, on the other hand, everything is currently revolving around the topic "it wasn’t all bad – on kerner" (eva herman). Cabaret artists are speaking out on the subject, others are thoughtfully recalling the winter relief fund, and even a kassel art professor is not leaving the subject cold. We, on the other hand, prefer to show two documents that reveal the hitherto completely unknown sides of a former tv presenter. Here you can admire her as a powerful-voiced singer, and this video shows her together with her hamburg salsa group. Further abysmal insights into this highly explosive blonde topic are offered by this text.

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Targeting the internet

Kofi annan presents "global counterterrorism strategy" but does not explain what terrorism is and how he intends to reconcile the required surveillance and censorship measures with human rights and protect them against abuse

Kofi annan, the secretary-general of the united nations, has called for a united fight against terrorism and presented his concept of a global counter-terrorism strategy, a task he took on at the 2005 un summit. It is striking that annan’s concept only talks about terrorism, which cannot be justified by anything, but the term is never defined in detail. This, however, is of course a decisive obstacle to being able to understand. His general insistence that the fight against terrorism must adhere to international law and, above all, respect human rights, while correct, is probably an appeal that will not carry far.

The internet in sight

Kofi annan presents his recommendations on a global counterterrorism strategy. Picture: un

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C. G. Haenel loses order for german army assault rifles

C. G. Haenel loses order for german army assault rifles

Related model: the cr 223 assault rifle from c. G. Haenel at an arms fair in the czech republic. Photo: travel trip.0

Evidence of patent infringement: ministry rejects thuringian arms manufacturer’s request. Heckler koch only remaining bidder

Due to concrete indications of patent infringements, the ministry of defense does not want to award the contract for the delivery of the new assault rifle for the german armed forces to the thuringian arms manufacturer c. G. Haenel awarded. Defense politicians in the bundestag were informed of a decision to this effect on monday, the german press agency reported this evening. The ministry cited evidence of patent infringement as the reason, which had already been presented in an expert report at the end of last year. C. G. Haenel, based in suhl, germany, had won the bidding process for 120.000 weapons against the so far leading german small arms manufacturer heckler koch prevailed, which is the only remaining bidder in the event of haenel’s exclusion.

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92 Cartridge horses, a ballet scenter and the cia

The history of the red brigades in italy is a teaching sugar of the immigration of a political organization by equal to multiple intelligence – benefits always brought her right – as well again

Last saturday, in rome, millions of people protested against minister prosident silvio berlusconi. The most influential of the three union books, cgil, can now be brought to rest, the large demonstration in the history of the italian republic. This demonstration was expression of an extremely tense situation between the center-right government and social organizations. Reason for the youngest protests is the planned change in the right to know. Article 18 is unexpectedly defended by the people. "This fight has become the symbol for the fight against berlusconi and the symbol for the fight against the neoliberal politics", says the philosopher domenico losurdo.

In the midst of this conflict and four days before the gross demonstration as expected, last tuesday against 20.30 o’clock the economic professor marco biagi shot in front of his house in bologna. The 51-year labor lawyers advised the welfare minister roberto maroni, member of the extreme-right lega nord, for changing the article 18. Biagi was a co-author of a team of the government berlusconi to the labor market, which was presented last october.

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